Have you ever walked along the rows of a vineyard at sunset?
It ‘a fantastic experience: many sensations, the golden light, the colors, the smells, the silent noise of sap … you seem to be yourself lives, feel great energy from the earth spreads and fills you:
the vine is life!
You understand so ‘the complexity of a wine, the son of the vine and the earth that nourishes it.
I did, and even often, and all this has gradually convinced me to plant a vineyard to cultivate with love and respect to passion. After so many years to take care of the family distillery, the Giovi, I wanted to bet only on myself.

Thus it was born ‘The estate Enza La Fauci.
Located on a family that is in the vicinity ‘of Capo Peloro, right where Ulysses during his long journey he runs into mermaids and not to succumb to the charm of their voices gets tied his men to the mast of the boat .
We are right at the entrance of the Messina Strait. A mixed clay soil on limestone, winds Scirocco and Tramontana, abundant winter rainfall, make this area a “unique” compared to other parts of Sicily, often characterized by more ‘arid views and sunny.
The work in the vineyard is done by hand only, except for a small tractor that we use for tillage. Being particularly careful to total respect for natural wine, we do not use any chemical herbicide.
Often love we claim to be a more organic ‘organic organic. But apart from the pun,
and ‘this is my working condition.
Four varieties’ grown in Cordon Royat and Guyot: Nerello Macalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Nocera, Nero D’Avola.